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How To Think About Dance And Movement? Start With An Idea

4 hours 41 min ago

“I am convinced that choreography is not only the best [art] form to buy a ticket for, it is also an orchestration of encounters, the setting up of encounters between different minds,” she said. “I hope we give audiences the possibility to enter the choreography themselves, but also to intellectually stimulate the publics we encounter, more than just satisfy them and try to do it very gently, not aggressively.”

Bring back The 8-Track! Why Physicality Matters In Music

4 hours 50 min ago

“It’s not about toggling between tabs, one for streaming music, one for chatting with coworkers, and another for checking bank statements. It’s about experiencing music as an artifact, and really listening.”

France Considers Taxing Netflix, Amazon To Support Culture

4 hours 56 min ago

“France has a vibrant film and television sector thanks to a system that requires television networks to hand over a proportion of their turnover to back domestic production, on top of a series of public grants and funds. The result is a diverse field of many small- to mid-size production companies, unlike in the United States, where studios and listed entertainment conglomerates dominate.”

Want To Boost Your Creativity? Study Says Ponder Who You Are

5 hours 5 min ago

“Spending a few minutes pondering the various identities you wear—spouse, parent, employee, sports fan, political partisan, what-have-you—can lead to more creative insights.”

“Thorn Birds” Author Colleen McCullough Dies at 77

5 hours 17 min ago

“The Thorn Birds, which has never been out of print, has sold more than 30 million copies worldwide and been translated into more than 20 languages. In hardcover, it spent more than a year on the New York Times best-seller list; the paperback rights were sold at auction for $1.9 million, a record at the time.”

Have We Become Too Sensitive In Public Debate To Have Real Conversations About Ideas?

5 hours 20 min ago

“After political correctness burst onto the academic scene in the late ’80s and early ’90s, it went into a long remission. Now it has returned. Some of its expressions have a familiar tint, like the protesting of even mildly controversial speakers on college campuses.”

That “Public Radio Voice” – Is It A Cultural Problem?

5 hours 25 min ago

“The voices on podcasts and public radio are informed, interesting, gentle friends. They keep me company as they share important, entertaining, and sometimes tragic stories. But the timbre, accent, inflections, rhythm, metaphors, and references of these voices reflect class, region, ethnicity, gender, and other components of identity.”

One Of This Year’s Best Sundance Festival Movies Was Shot On An iPhone

5 hours 34 min ago

“Plenty of amateur films have been shot using iPhones, but by all reports, this is the first movie at the Sundance Film Festival to be shot almost entirely on an Apple device. It was a decision that indie writer and director Sean Baker made to accommodate the film’s small budget. But you’d never guess the camera, to look at it.”

Woman Steals Artist’s Identity. Artist Makes Art Out Of Woman’s Life

6 hours 15 min ago

“Sanctioned stalking” … interesting. I could see how someone would see it that way. And I think anyone outside — anyone who is not me or my PI — I could see that perspective. But I do not consider it to be that at all.”

The Problems With Obsessing About Measuring Impact Of Art

9 hours 37 min ago

“If we are constantly debating what “good” or “quality” looks like, we’re wasting time we could be using honing our work to better deliver on the social impact we’ve all agreed is important. I’d love to work for an organization that clearly knows that the impact it wants to have is X–so we can focus on doing X.”

That Sounds So Familiar (But Does That Mean I’ve Just Plagiarized Tom Petty?)

9 hours 41 min ago

“Come to think of it, Petty is more like a musical Mark Rothko, in that he usually paints with only a few big splotches of solid color. Just because he’s famous for doing it, does that really mean nobody else is allowed to?”

The New Lands Of Opportunity: Buffalo, Detroit

9 hours 44 min ago

If moving to New York City is like dating the most popular kid in your high school only to discover “all the blemishes that aren’t visible when gazed upon from a distance,” then Buffalonians will tell you that moving to their city is like dating the girl next door who’s undergoing a She’s All That-style transformation.

Is The English National Opera Losing Audiences And Money? ENO Responds

9 hours 48 min ago

“The unequivocal fact is that in the last eight financial years the ENO has run an unrestricted surplus of £2.4 million. Our total audience for 2013/14 was up by 11% and audience numbers for the 2014/15 season to date remain stable.”

One Of The Most Infamous Behavioral Experiments, Rethought 50 Years Later

9 hours 55 min ago

Under the watch of the experimenter, the volunteer—dubbed “the teacher”—would read out strings of words to his partner, “the learner,” who was hooked up to an electric-shock machine in the other room. Each time the learner made a mistake in repeating the words, the teacher was to deliver a shock of increasing intensity, starting at 15 volts (labeled “slight shock” on the machine) and going all the way up to 450 volts (“Danger: severe shock”).

Why Novelists Turn To The Vividness Of Music

10 hours 34 sec ago

“Perhaps, fearful of losing the attention of their readers, novelists are borrowing the captivating force of music, feeding off its sensuousness in an effort to regain a lost immediacy. The lengthy musical passages in recent novels, including a few loving and climactic concert scenes, seem to strive for music’s Orphic power.”

French Comedian Stands Trial Over Comment Against Jewish Journalist (Est-Il Charlie?)

14 hours 39 min ago

“The provocative French comedian Dieudonné M’bala M’bala stood trial in criminal court on Wednesday over a comment he made lamenting that a prominent Jewish journalist did not die in ‘the gas chambers,’ prosecutors said. Mr. M’bala M’bala has become an emblem in France of the struggle between upholding the secular republic’s commitment to free speech while maintaining public safety and preventing hate crimes.”

A Struggle Over The Very Nature Of Science (Seriously)

14 hours 53 min ago

“There’s a battle going on at the edge of the universe, but it’s getting fought right here on Earth. With roots stretching back as far as the ancient Greeks, in the eyes of champions on either side, this fight is a contest over nothing less than the future of science. It’s a conflict over the biggest cosmic questions humans can ask and the methods we use – or can use – to get answers for those questions.” It’s a conflict over … string theory.

Van Gogh And The Decision That Changed Art History

15 hours 4 min ago

The decision, believe it or not, was the young Vincent’s insistence on trying to become a preacher, even after flunking out of divinity school.

Artist Shows Us All How Not To Respond To A Negative Review

15 hours 5 min ago

Loris Gréaud decided to tell everyone who’d listen that Lauren Smart, arts editor at the Dallas Observer, needs to get laid.

Snowpocalypse, The American Media, And Lewis Carroll’s White Queen

15 hours 26 min ago

Adam Gopnik: “The ruling deity of this form of panic and pensive regret is Lewis Carroll’s White Queen, from Through the Looking-Glass. The White Queen, in some Joseph Campbell realm of archetypes, is indeed surely a variant of Hans Christian Andersen’s Snow Queen, and so perhaps it’s no wonder that in Carroll’s rendering she governs the Kingdom of the Snow That Fell Before It Started Falling.”