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Updated: 8 min 32 sec ago

The Author Of ‘Unbroken’ Has Revolutionized Nonfiction Writing – Without Leaving Her House

2 hours 57 min ago

“Perhaps the biggest challenge for Hillenbrand as a reporter are the periods when she cannot read. When the vertigo surges, as it has in recent years, she has trouble focusing her eyes on the page without dizziness.”

The Hacked Sony Emails Are Picking Apart The Tangled Web Of Hollywood

3 hours 27 min ago

“Another set of broken or bruised relationships involves black stars and filmmakers, a group with whom Sony formerly had very sturdy ties.”

Paris Has Hated Every Monument That Now Defines It To The World. Is This Any Different?

3 hours 43 min ago

“Plans for a skyscraper, known as the Triangle Tower, have divided Parisians and prompted a wave of protests that the city’s cherished skyline is about to be violated.”

The World’s Leading Manuscript Dealer May Be Running A Pyramid Scheme

4 hours 13 min ago

“Around 100 officers from France’s anti-fraud squad raided the headquarters of his company, Aristophil, along with offices in Luxembourg, Brussels and Nice. The police seized all the money in the company’s accounts, forcing it to shut down.”

Is This The End Of Piano Playing In The UK?

4 hours 27 min ago

“She blames the popularity of electric keyboards and children starting to learn the piano at a later age in the UK than in other parts of the world.”

Can A Computer Create A Work Of Art? If So, It Might Pass The Lovelace Test

4 hours 43 min ago

“First, they ask for a creative artifact such as a story, poem, or picture. And secondly, they provide a criterion. For example: ‘Tell me a story about a cat that saves the day,’ or ‘Draw me a picture of a man holding a penguin.'”

So Much Criticism For Marco Polo May Harm Diversity On Netflix

5 hours 22 sec ago

“Recall that Marco Polo’s cast is more than 90 percent Asian; how many other big-budget Western shows can say that?”

The Intricate Dance Of Machine And Human In The Marble Quarry [VIDEO]

5 hours 42 min ago

“In the Apuan Alps of northern Tuscany in Italy, ‘Il Capo’ or the chief directs the processes of extraction at a quarry for Carrara marble.”

Will Renewed U.S.-Cuba Ties Mean More Musical Collaborations And Cross-Pollination?

6 hours 13 min ago

“The last time musicians from Cuba and the U.S. could easily move between the two countries, it led to some of the most innovative music of 20th century. The stage is set for a similar renaissance in the 21st.”

The Art Of Making A (Perfect) Tutu

6 hours 43 min ago

“Bacon only takes on a handful of commissions per season—this year, she has five in the works. They’ll keep her busy until competition time rolls around early in 2015.”

Urbanism Means More Than Bars And A Few Walkable Streets

7 hours 13 min ago

“As our city planners consider the ways in which downtown is developed, it’s worth remembering that a healthy urban ecosystem isn’t made out of any one kind of person or business or building.”

Spin Doctor Who Worked In George Bush’s White House And Inspired ‘Scandal’ Is Called In To Manage Sony’s Issues

7 hours 42 min ago

“Insiders said Sony appeared to be shifting its position while giving as strong an impression as possible that it had adopted the same line all along.”

The Worst Cultural Criticism Of 2014

8 hours 12 min ago

“For every yin, there’s a yang, and in this case, the yang involves snobbery, asinine arguments about everything from marriage to Brooklyn DIY, another page for the ‘Gavin McInnes is the worst’ annual, and the ongoing misogynist temper tantrum of #Gamergate.”

e-Strategy Manager

December 20, 2014 - 7:58am

We seek an e-Strategy Manager who working closely with the Director, plans, oversees, and implements Carnegie Hall’s social media presence on platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube as well as identifying other existing and emerging platforms and assessing Carnegie Hall’s needs in relation to them. The e-Strategy Manager is expected to generate new ideas for social media content and engagement on existing and new platforms and contribute ideas to the development of Carnegie Hall’s overall digital presence.

Key responsibilities include social media content strategy and scheduling, growing Carnegie Hall’s digital audience, increasing online engagement, monitoring of Carnegie Hall-related comments and reaction on all platforms, and maintaining a high level of knowledge of current and emerging trends in the social media sphere. Working as part of collaborative e-Strategy team, will contribute to elements of website production. Working closely with the Marketing Dept. the e-Strategy Manager is also responsible for the Facebook advertising and organizations participation in Google AdWords for Non-Profits program.

Related to these activities is the production of analytics derived from our web, social media, and email presences.The e-Strategy Manager manages the work and time of the part-time e-Strategy Assistant Web Producer who is closely involved with the day-to-day social media posting and monitoring.

Qualifications: Bachelor degree with several years’ experience. Candidates must work well in a high-pressure environment with many deadlines and demands, sometimes competing, from many different departments within the organization.Excellent written and oral communication skills are essential for this role. Candidates should have strong writing for web, project management, experience working within web content management systems (in particular, Ektron), html, Photoshop, and an ability to identify and use appropriate web applications. Experience in digital advertising and web analytics is important and familiarity with and interest in classical music is strongly preferred.Knowledge of general web and audio-visual technologies is also a plus.

Threat: Jeff Koons Sued Over Copyright (Again)

December 19, 2014 - 3:26pm

“Franck Davidovici, creator of a 1985 ad campaign for the French clothing retailer Naf Naf featuring a similar figure and pig, is pressing a legal complaint.”

Too Much Choice? Yeah, Well, That’s Why You’re Unhappy…

December 19, 2014 - 2:24pm

“We evaluate ourselves by comparing ourselves to other people. Well, if you compare yourself to other people in life, you get to see their good moments and bad moments. But if you’re comparing yourself to other people on Facebook, well, everyone is a superstar on Facebook. The result is you feel that your life is duller and duller, shabbier and shabbier. You seem less and less special, less and less competent, because everyone else is living this perfect life.”

Music (Or Any Art) Without An Audience Is… A Failure

December 19, 2014 - 1:31pm

“As much as we, in the solitary spaces of our practice rooms, can throw ourselves into a piece, we must remember that if the performance hall is as empty as that practice space then we have clearly not achieved connection with our audience. That is our responsibility.”

A Gajillion Gallons Of Water, A Piano, And A Concert

December 19, 2014 - 1:26pm

“The Armory’s latest installation-meets-performance piece Tears Become…Streams Become…required its staff to slowly, over the course of a 10-minute piano piece, fill the 55,000 square feet of the Wade Thompson Drill Hall with a standing pool of water that would mirror the hall’s gilded ceilings.”

The Day Justin Beiber Lost 3.5 Million Instagram Followers

December 19, 2014 - 1:01pm

“In December 2014, we’re fixing an ongoing issue that incorrectly includes inactive or fake accounts in follower/following lists,” the company explained in a recent post.

Why Is Our New Architecture Looking Back?

December 19, 2014 - 12:58pm

“Architecture spent the year puzzling over its own self-sufficiency, finding various ways to wonder if it is capable, for the first time in a long while, of standing on its own two feet.”