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GroundSwell - Do something good for a change.

That is our invitation to you and the people of our region. Join us.  Together we can build a greater Greater Philadelphia for our children, for our families and for each other.

Powered by the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance, GroundSwell is a growing coalition of organizations and residents working to make our region a better place for kids to grow into adults, for families to thrive and for businesses to grow and prosper. We want cleaner and greener parks, more and better libraries, and a thriving arts and cultural community accessible to all. Our vision is grand, our hopes are high, our strategy is big, but our tactics begin small.

GroundSwell affects change from the ground up, one small action at a time. When you volunteer at a local community arts organization, help to clean up a community park, donate books to your local library, or even just pick up litter around your neighborhood, you are making a real difference and sending a clear message. Pride of place is contagious, and when you show that you care, you inspire others as well.  Join now!

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