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Delaware County Legislators Targeted in a "Rally for Pennsylvania Communities"

(August 11, 2009) -- MEDIA, PA -- In front of the Delaware County Courthouse in downtown Media, a coalition of advocates from the arts, education, disability services, health organizations, and community development organizations gathered to speak out against budget cuts and delays to finishing the state budget in Harrisburg.

The location of Media was strategic due to its central location in Republican State Senator Dominic Pileggi's district.   The main message was clear: it's time for a budget that benefits all Pennsylvanians and doesn't leave vulnerable populations at serious risk.

Drew Arata, of the Media Arts Council and Earth & State, spoke out for the arts to a hundred-plus crowd.  He emphasized the role of arts in education, community development, and the human experience.  (View his speech on our YouTube page here:

It is still unclear when a complete state budget will pass - for now, a lean SB 850 is in place to pay state employees, but it does not include cultural funding.