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"What's your plan to support arts and culture?"

May 18, 2010. That date may seem a while out, but for Pennsylvania's Democratic and Republican gubernatorial candidates, it's down to the wire.

As supporters of arts and culture in Southeastern Pennsylvania, it is critical we have a governor that understands the impact of theaters, museums, artists, dancers, and educational programs on our communities.  So what better way is there than to ask their offices directly -  "What's your position on arts and culture?"

As of today, there are six gubernatorial candidates - four Democrats and two Republicans.  We know that making six calls may seem like a daunting task, but it goes a long way to establish our presence as voters who care about the future of arts and culture.  And you still have a little under six weeks to call every candidate.


To make it even easier, we'll provide you with a basic call script for when you call their offices -


As a supporter of arts and culture in Southeastern Pennsylvania and a voter, I believe that a diverse cultural sector provides valuable economic benefits for the Commonwealth and improves the quality of life in our neighborhoods.  Before I enter the voting booth on May 18th, I hope that the next Governor will work to make Pennsylvania a renowned cultural destination and commit to building a mutually beneficial relationship with the creative sector.  If I may ask - how will X plan to support arts and culture?  

Below are the office telephone numbers for each candidate:

Once you've made your calls, please email to report, so we can track our progress.

I can't stress enough how important your work is in establishing a positive relationship with our next Governor.