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Pennsylvania's Gubernatorial Candidates Release Arts & Culture Platforms

Only 17 days remain before the polls open in Pennsylvania on November 2 for the 2010 midterm elections.

When candidates go head to head during televised debates in election season, topics usually concern the economy, safety, and education.  Arts and culture plays a significant role in solving those very problems, and this week, candidates for governor Tom Corbett (R) and Dan Onorato (D) released their plans and vision for arts and culture in the Commonwealth.

As advocates for the growth of communities, our children, and our lives, reading both platforms is essential in making a informed, personal decision in the voting booth on Election Day.  

Tom Corbett and Dan Onorato will also appear in a third and final televised gubernatorial candidate debate tonight co-sponsored by Channel 6ABC and the League of Women Voters from 7-8pm.   Keep asking the candidates specific questions on how they would support arts and culture.  Imagine if thousands of Pennsylvanians watching the debate saw the candidates discuss arts and culture.

The Cultural Alliance has a wealth of resources to get you prepared for Election Day.  For members, we have sample curtain speeches, program stuffers, banner ads for your website, and flyers to get your audience and staff prepared.  For arts and culture advocates, we've compiled all of the candidates up for election in Southeastern Pennsylvania, links to the appropriate absentee ballot forms, how to find your polling place, and more.  Be sure to also sign up for e-advocacy alerts through our Action Center to stay informed beyond November 2.

Legislators shape policies that benefit our daily lives.  Arts and culture is the key to our region's growth, and we need to elect the best candidates to address the economic and social issues we continue to face.