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Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Milwaukee Symphony

April 17, 2014 - 3:04am

Under the direction of the President & Executive Director, the Vice President & Chief Operating Officer will oversee all aspects of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra’s operations; ensure optimum organizational excellence and efficiency; oversee and monitor the Orchestra’s external relationships, including but not limited to all venues in which the Orchestra performs; and play an integral role in the negotiation of the collective bargaining agreement (CBA).

Oversees the development of the master calendar in conjunction with the Director of Artistic Planning and Vice President of Marketing, in accordance with the CBA. The Vice President & Chief Operating Officer maintains overall responsibility for all operations and personnel aspects of the Orchestra. Direct reports include Director of Operations, Orchestra Personnel Manager, Stage & Technical Manager, Director of Education, Principal Librarian and Information Technology Manager (currently consultant).

Job Description


  • Responsible for all logistics of day-to-day operations of Orchestra including supervision of the production of all rehearsals, concerts and other activities.
  • Work with Director of Artistic Planning and Vice President of Marketing in developing season schedule, in accordance with the CBA.
  • Responsible for development and maintenance of Orchestra and operations budgets.
  • Responsible for maintaining the relationship with the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts and all other performance and tour venues.
  • With President and Executive Director negotiate and maintain agreement with the Florentine Opera.
  • Negotiate fees with other contracted tour and run-out venues.
  • With staff, develop potential additional performance sites, including community concerts, summer venues, etc.
  • Supervise planning and execution of tours and run-outs, US or overseas in collaboration with the Director of Artistic Planning.
  • Supervise electronic media activities, including national radio syndication, recordings and television.
  • Work with Director of Operations to liaise with stagehands and IATSE
  • Work directly with staff conductors and appropriate staff members in other planning (pops, education concerts, tours, etc.).
  • Provides long-term strategy and vision for future growth.
  • Perform artist duty as assigned.

Orchestra Personnel

  • Responsible for daily application of the labor agreement; serve as liaison to select orchestra committees (including Players’ Council, Scheduling Committee, etc.) and local Musicians’ Union.
  • Serve on management team in Master Agreement negotiations.
  • Work with Music Director and Assistant Orchestra Personnel Manager to set audition dates.
  • In coordination with Orchestra Personnel Manager, negotiates overscale agreements and other aspects of Individual Musician Employment contracts in consultation with Music Director and President & Executive Director.
  • Work with Music Director and Orchestra Personnel Manager on all orchestra personnel issues.
  • In conjunction with the Chief Financial Officer, promote best practices for management of human resources.
  • Monitor all personnel policies and procedures, ensuring legal compliance.


  • Oversee the development and implementation of all educational programming, in conjunction with the artistic and education staff.
  • Oversee the development and progression of the Arts in Community Education (ACE) program.
  • Provide long-term strategy, vision for future growth, and maintenance of leadership position in the field.


  • Participates in Strategic Planning discussions and Board leadership activities. Serves as a staff representative to Executive Committee and Board of Directors’ meetings. Attends Senior Staff, Staff Managers, All Staff and HR meetings. Coordinates and attends Players’ Counsel meetings.
  • Serve as MSO representative on the Milwaukee Arts Partners (Tessitura) Executive Committee.
  • With the CFO, supervise risk management for the company and related organizations.
  • Take responsibility for Concert Duty as assigned.
  • Performs other duties as apparent or assigned.


Job Qualifications

This position requires the ability to work effectively with musicians, staff, guest artists, presenters, volunteers, and the general public. The ability to act with discretion and handle sensitive, confidential information is a must. An understanding of working with a Master Agreement, knowledge of labor law, and a background in operations are required. The position requires the ability to pay attention to details, handle many projects simultaneously, and demonstrate good judgment and maturity in decision-making. Also required are excellent verbal and written skills, ability to be a team player and a team leader, motivate others, manage and direct the performance of others, and have an interest and understanding of orchestra repertoire.

This position is required to use a computer and associated software (principally Microsoft Office, especially Microsoft Excel), The MSO uses Tessitura for all ticketing and patron/donor tracking and OPAS for Operations/Artistic.

How to Apply

Send your resume as a Word or PDF attachment to

The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra is an equal opportunity employer.

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