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Are you ready for Saturday's FringeA-Thon?

This HUGE dance party fundraiser on Saturday May 20 will have you on your feet and dancing! Celebrating the arts and “the power of artistic expression” is what this day is about! Your options to participate: $35 as a “Party Crasher” (12 hour access pass to this event!), $25 if you are joining as part of a team, and $25 if you want to register your team/company/or organization!

During the 12 hours: Listen to six of the hottest DJ’s perform LIVE, learn new dance moves by some of Philadelphia’s best dancers and choreographers, and explore the many booths of arts organizations you love and support.

Best part? Each dancing step you take will help support Philadelphia’s arts community at large through FringeArts. The money you raise at the event can also go back directly to your organization so that you can continue your positive impact on the arts community.

For more information or to sign up, please visit FringeArts’ website: