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Congress Fully Funds The Arts In FY17 Spending Bill

Congress has reached a bipartisan agreement on the FY2017 spending bill that not only maintains federal arts funding, it carries increases of nearly $2 million for both the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities, making their proposed line items $150 million each.

This is the result of work by advocates like you, who have sent more than 500 emails to representatives throughout the Greater Philadelphia area. We thank you for that, and we encourage you to thank your representatives for their efforts to maintain federal funding for the arts as well. You can send a quick email or use social media and #SaveTheArts to send a message saying thanks:

Thank you for keeping FULL federal funding for the arts in the final spending bills for Fiscal Year 2017. #SaveTheArts #FedFundsMatter

P.S. The fight for federal arts funding in FY18 will continue through the fall. Watch for updates on email, Facebook and Twitter--our #SaveTheArts campaign is still going strong!