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Cultural Alliance New Year's Resolutions for 2015

We have big plans this year! Here are just a few:

1. Welcome our new President, Maud Lyon (in just a few more weeks)!

2. Continue our work on Portfolio research with Portfolio: Culture Across Communities, an 11-city analysis which will examine some of the most dynamic creative communities across the country.

3. Launch Phillyfunpass, a new program which will reward frequent cultural participation through discounts and loyalty points and capture previously undocumented data on consumer cultural activity.

4. Continue GroundSwell work to explore opportunities to support artists and cultural organizations working in Mantua, which was designated as a Promise Zone by President Obama.  Two convenings have been held so far to discuss the role arts and culture can play in engaging the community and contributing to the revitalization of the neighborhood.

5. Continue expansion of STAMP in Year 2 of the program with new teen council members, new museum partners, expanded partnerships with community organizations and city initiatives, bigger and more collaborative events, and the STAMP Bucks loyalty rewards program.

What are your resolutions and goals for 2015? Share with us on Twitter @philaculture!