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How Can Arts Organizations Expand Their Audiences?

Two new reports from The Wallace Foundation tackle this question and more.

Recently, our friends at The Wallace Foundation released two very interesting reports that give insight into building arts audiences.Two Cultural Alliance members, Fleisher Art Memorial and The Clay Studio, are highlighted in this report.


The Road to Results looks at ten arts organizations that undertook successful audience-building projects, and highlights the nine best practices all ten had in common.  These include identifying a target group that makes sense for the organization, and determining what barriers there are to that group joining the organization's audience. 

Thriving Arts Organizations, Thriving Arts explores how and why arts participation has declined nationally, and examines in detail strategies for successful audience-building and how arts leaders prioritize expanding their audiences.  

We highly recommend reading this report in conjunction with our 2014 Portfolio. Many of these findings mirror our findings on the Growth organizations we tracked in our own research.  

The Wallace Foundation offers these—and copies of all their publications—free of charge. Read the results, and send your feedback to Wallace’s Knowledge Center at