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Meet an Alliancer: Stuart Adair

Ever wondered what it's like to work at the Cultural Alliance? We'll introduce you to members of our staff! This month the spotlight is on Stuart Adair, Vice President of Finance & Administration.

Name: Stuart Adair
Job Title: Vice President of Finance & Administration
Job Responsibilities: I’m obviously in charge of the finances, but my job also includes human resources, information technology, membership and general administration.  Luckily I work with two wonderful colleagues, Len Pruden and Brittnie Knight, who make all this happen. 
Degrees/certificates: I have a BS in Economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.  I have followed a very different path than most of my fellow classmates at Wharton.   The only time that is a problem is when I receive the alumni magazine in the mail.  I usually don’t look at it, but when I do, there are typically a few moments of despair!
Past experience working in arts and culture: I’ve been fortunate to have worked for many of the best arts and cultural groups in the area. They include the Pennsylvania Ballet, the Walnut Street Theatre, the American Music Theater Festival (now the Prince Music Theater), International House Philly, the Arts & Business Council, and most recently I was Executive Director of Astral Artists.  This list also shows that I’ve been around for a while… 
Favorite thing about working at the Cultural Alliance: The food.  No, of course the people.  But not only the incredible, talented and really smart staff at the Alliance, but the members who inspire us every day with the work that they do.  Being able to support and help the member organizations makes it all worthwhile. 
Favorite cultural institutions/attractions/events: I have a lot of interests, but classical music, theater and film jump to the top of the list.  My favorite theater experience this past season was Tribes at Philadelphia Theatre Company.     
A fun fact about yourself:  One of my great passions is traveling.  Most of my trips have been to Europe, and this past June I went to Lisbon and Madrid.  I also love photographing my trips and, although I don’t have an expensive camera, I’m very proud of my pics from this last trip.