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Letter: Open museum doors to more city teens

Published in the Philadelphia Inquirer

Thank you to the Philadelphia Inquirer for publishing our op ed on #GivingTuesday and STAMP!

Here's the letter, from Nicole Allen, Director of Policy & Community Engagement:

"This week's #GivingTuesday global day of charity donations offers a chance to pause from the frenzy of holiday shopping and give back to your favorite nonprofits and causes. Our agency's goal is to raise $15,000 for STAMP: The Virginia and Harvey Kimmel Family Teen Program. STAMP ( gives Philadelphia teens free access to 15 top museums.

Our 2014 Portfolio research shows that children's attendance at cultural institutions is up 17 percent since 2009, and now at more than 3 million visits annually. As the School District eliminates art, music, field trips, and afterschool programs, STAMP helps to make sure those attendance numbers keep growing, and that Philadelphia kids still have opportunities to experience the arts and explore their full potential.

If we care about the next generation of Philadelphians, arts and culture are important resources worthy of support."

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