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September is Double Points Month for STAMP

Year 2 of STAMP is officially underway, and the more than 11,000 teens enrolled in STAMP can now use their STAMP pass at a total of 15 museums around the city. If you know a teen with a STAMP Pass, be sure they check out all the new museums and earn double points toward their STAMP Bucks for each visit they make in September!

For every museum visit, teens can earn STAMP Bucks redeemable for cool new prizes in the virtual STAMP Shop. Prizes range from keychains (5 STAMP Bucks) and sunglasses (10 STAMP Bucks) all the way to music lessons with Girls Rock Philly and Fleisher Art Memorial (25 STAMP Bucks)! And to kick off this great new program, STAMP is offering double points for the entire month of September—so teens can earn twice as many STAMP Bucks with each museum visit they make!

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