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Take the State of the Nonprofit Sector Survey

Each year, the Nonprofit Finance Fund organizes a State of the Nonprofit Sector Survey to collect information on financial health, program demand, and challenges. This year, we'd like to see all of our Cultural Alliance members participate!

The survey, which is anonymous and takes about 10-15 minutes to fill out, collects data on challenges facing the nonprofit sector, as well as new and emerging trends. NFF’s Survey is one of the largest data-driven community organizing efforts in the social sector, and NFF has made targeted efforts to use survey data to build knowledge and dialogue about the health and vitality of the arts and culture sector. Last year’s findings were shared with thousands of arts organizations and others across the country. 
The Alliance supports the survey because NFF is committed to turning the survey results into action and making them available to everyone, through an online Survey Analyzer and other tools. Findings from NFF’s survey have been included in government testimony and policy recommendations, presented at dozens of conferences, and used to bring your challenges to life in new ways. 
Our hope is that collecting this data from nonprofits statewide will be helpful in gathering evidence for new Governor Tom Wolf on the needs of the sector, and in making the case for his support of our organizations.
The survey went live on January 14, and is open through February 18. Click here for more information and to complete the survey.
NFF will analyze the results and distribute them to the community in early May. All survey respondents who choose to give their contact information will receive the results directly and be invited to participate in special online events exclusively for arts organizations. If you have already filled out the 2015 survey, thank you for supporting this data gathering effort!