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DataArts Launches Free Online Classes

We are propelling towards a fast moving world that is filled with endless amounts of data. In that data, though, is power. From understanding which pieces of data are the most helpful to understanding how to reach your customers more effectively, DataArts can to help. DataArts has recently partnered with experts in this field to supply you with free courses on: 1) Connecting the Dots: Audience Data Essentials 2) Strength in Numbers: Financial Data Essentials and 3) Looking as We Leap: Data for Decisions.

Co-created with TRG Arts, Connecting the Dots provides you with key learning on audience development and effective marketing.

In Strength in Numbers, Co-created with FMA, you will learn how to use data to streamline some of your internal business workings and management: financial planning that aligns with organizational strategy, for example.

Lastly, with Looking as We Leap, created by Andrew Taylor at American University, you will be provided with a five-step approach in decision making for knowing when your business’s data can be helpful.

It gets even better: You can take these courses at your own pace! Which is great, since this information will be helpful in this fast moving world of data. 

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