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Fundraise with FringeA-Thon's 12 Hour Dance Party on May 20

What is FringeA-Thon, you ask?

It is a HUGE dance party fundraiser on May 20 that you will not want to miss. Celebrating the arts and “the power of artistic expression” is what this day is about! Whether you are a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization, an artist or company with a fiscal conduit, or an artist or company that has registered for Fringe Festival, you can participate in FringeA-Thon!

In registering and becoming a beneficiary partner, you will be provided with an online fundraising platform, opportunities to market your organization or project at the FringeA-Thon event, the opportunity to dance and party for 12 hours, and be provided with possible fundraising prizes for your dance team.

By becoming a beneficiary partner (registering with FringeA-Thon and creating your dance team with friends, co-workers, and family), you will be able to fundraise for your cause. 75 percent of your fundraising efforts will go to your organization (including each $25 registration fee) and 25 percent will go back to Fringe Arts so they can keep doing amazing things, like the annual Fringe Arts Festival. 

For more information or to sign up, please visit their website: