The Brains Behind Spruce Street Harbor Are Bringing Their Magic to Roxborough!

Spruce Street Harbor, Dilworth Park, The Porch @ 30th Street and many others have become downtown destinations, bringing people together to enjoy open space and engage in the city. Now the designers behind these iconic spaces are working with the residents of Roxborough to build their own community hub.


 In the middle of the bustling Ridge Avenue, 6170-72 and the adjacent vacant Allison Building is a familiar sight in Philadelphia. Vacant and distressed spaces like this litter our commercial corridors and detract from the vibrancy of our neighborhoods and leave our residents wanting more. However, as we have seen, in other parts of the city, arts & culture and parks are often under-utilized tools that can be used to revitalize neighborhoods and commercial corridors. Now it is Roxborough's turn to take a stab at what should be a growing trend.

The Ridge Avenue Pocket Park in Roxborough is the subject of a new project by GroundSwell Design Group (no connection to us except a great name!), to turn an otherwise vacant lot into a hub for community activity. As we have seen over the years, GroundSwell Design understands how to harness the power of open space and convert once neglected areas like the Waterfront and the parking lot outside of 30th Street Station into world-class destinations. 

We look forward to seeing how the design firm will bring their signature flair to Roxborough while also incorporating the community desires. We know this re-design is sure to breathe new vibrancy into the neighborhood, attract people from throughout the city and become the center of community activity in Roxborogh.We will be watching!