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Lil' Filmmakers is a West Philly based non-profit media and performing arts organization geared to train youth and teens to conceive, develop and produce movies. The mission of the organization is to transform young people into artists, thinkers, and socially responsible community leaders.


Janine Spruill founded Lil’ Filmmakers Inc. in 1999. A native of Philadelphia, Spruill understood there was a void that needed to be filled with arts education programming. This led her to volunteer at her former elementary school and provide an arts program that introduced children to filmmaking.

Realizing she was on to something big she began traveling throughout the city teaching filmmaking for youth through workshops, summer camps, and school residencies. Her classes have now turned into a full production company with new and expanding opportunities for youth.

One of these opportunities has been the making of the film Erudition. The film tells the story of a war weary society that has banned books, creativity, and independent thinking and follows the rise of an underground movement of artists fighting to restore the right to a full education and freedom of speech. The film is scheduled to premiere in December and will have the full red-carpet glam for the teen cast and creative team.

With Erudition in its final stages of production, Lil Filmmakers is already thinking ahead to the next project. The film company is currently looking for actors, writers, and filmmakers to participate in their upcoming productions in 2015. If you’re interested in learning more about these opportunities email

Janine Spruill has made it her mission to expose teens to the art of filmmaking. “I love providing these services. We are making dreams come true for aspiring actors, writers, and filmmakers” says, Janine. 

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You never know, there just may be  the future Spike Lee waiting to be discovered.