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Do-Gooder Spotlight: After School Activities Partnerships

Taking a moment to spotlight people and organizations making a difference!

The Do-Gooder Spotlight is GroundSwell's semimonthly blog post spreading the word about individuals and organizations working to better their communities. Today we are giving a shout-out to our friends at After School Activities Partnerships (ASAP)!


Since 2002, ASAP has worked to increase after school activities for Philadelphia youth by offering recreation and enrichment clubs while also providing information on citywide after school programs. According to ASAP, "an estimated 40,000 youth citywide spend between 20-25 hours a week along after school - with the most dangerous time between 3pm-6pm." In order to meet the critical need of offering children a safe, stable after school environment, ASAP has created a variety of programs to engage students. Today, we're taking a closer look at one of the awesome programs ASAP offers - its after school drama clubs.

Not only do the drama clubs offer youth a creative outlet, but they also teach important everyday skills such as creative problem solving. The clubs incorporate a variety of theatrical techniques including standard dramatic fare, improvisational work, play writing, and spoken word. One of the drama club leaders, a teacher, used drama as a way to help ESL (English-as-a-second-language) students increase their proficiency in the English language which helped build confidence in their language skills.

This Saturday, May 17th, ASAP is organizing the 3rd Annual Drama Showcase where students, teachers, and parents can come together and watch the clubs perform. Lantern Theater Company (who ASAP has a partnership with) has generously donated space as well as technical and staff support for the showcase. This year's performance will include student speeches, a short theatrical performance, and a dance performance. ASAP feels performances reinforce the positive benefits of drama by promoting confidence and improved oral communication.

ASAP recruits a diverse group of volunteers to act as club leaders including local actors, students from local universities, school staff, and those interested in civic engagement. Each fall, ASAP partners with Lantern Theater Company to provide a professional master class for prospective club leaders. ASAP is currently seeking volunteers to help lead the drama clubs. If you're interested in volunteering, contact Sara Morningstar (Manager of Debate and Drama) at 215-545-2727 x.10 or by email at

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