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DO-GOODER Spotlight: Project HOME

The Do-Gooder Spotlight is GroundSwell's blog post spreading the word about individuals and organizations working to better their communities. Today we are giving a shout-out to our friends at Project HOME.


Since its inception in 1989, Project HOME has been a leader in providing comprehensive and effective services to persons who experience chronic homelessness. The organization providesfoods, shelter, counseling and utlizes art as way to help clients express themselves. 

In their basement studio in Fairmount, you will find arts supplies, photographs and music going to get their creative juices flowing. “Often, people experiencing trauma have a hard time using words, but they can have a lot to say and use art to say it” says, Rachel Ehrgood, the Art Program Coordinator. Ehrgood works with the group to help communicate experiences, share perspectives and build skills – all through the power of art.

“Our art and creations seek to inspire, enliven and enrich all of those who interact with it” explains, Ehrgood.

Recently, Project HOME partnered with Drexel University for a month long program: Breaking Social Boundaries, a program that brought Drexel art students into North Philadelphia to break down the social barriers that can divide the homeless population. They expressed stories, music, and paintings with each other. 

Next up on the roster is a Fall Arts Collective: Creative Vision. The opening reception will take place on Thursday, November 20, at the JBJ Soul Homes, located at 1415 Fairmount Avenue in the community room. This show is an inspiring mix of images and interactive art including; paintings, collage, photographs and textile installation created by Project HOME’s exceptionally talented Art program participants and volunteers. To learn more about the show click here.

Project HOME offers a wide variety of art workshops year round at multiple sites. A majority of the workshops are facilitated by local artisans who add a great deal of richness to our eclectic community tapestry. To take advantage of these workshops, contact Rachel Ehrgood, Art Coordinator at