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Join #OccupyAirwaves in LOVE Park Next Monday and Tuesday

#OccupyAirwaves plans to bring Phily two days of "great live music, positive energy, and youth enthusiasm in an outdoor concert."

Next week, the two-day #OccupyAirwaves outdoor music festival kicks off in LOVE Park.  The event is organized by friend of GroundSwell Kelli Caldwell, along with The Du Group and PSMG Radio.

#OccupyAirwaves sees music as a "positive creative outlet for youth development and community empowerment," and seeks to give young, emerging artists in hip-hop, pop, R&B opportunties to feel engaged with their communities.

In addition to encouraging positive youth development, the organizers of the event are hoping it will be a first step in furthering city-wide unity through music. For more information, visit:

Twitter: @occupyairwaves_
Facebook: Occupy Airwaves Project

Our partners in advocating for arts education in public schools, Public Citizens for Children and Youth (PCCY), are also working with #OccupyAirwaves to make this event "an opportunity for music supporters to come out and make a statement about the essential nature of instrumental music in Philly schools and the need to restore these programs for students." If you're interested in speaking up for arts and music education at the concert, contact Gretchen Walker at PCCY 617-792-6376 or #OccupyAirwaves organizer Kelli Caldwell at 215-494-8013 or