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Make Music Philly Seeks Performance Venues!

Register your organization to host performances for the citywide Make Music Philly festival on June 21

You may or may not be familiar with Make Music Philly, but this citywide, day-long music festival brings free, live music to indoor and outdoor venues all over the city. It is the Philadelphia incarnation of "World Music Day," which started in Paris in 1982. Last year on the summer solstice (June 21), Philadelphia joined over 500 cities worldwide for the inaugural Make Music Philly event.

In 2013, Make Music Philly hosted more than 240 performers in 150 performances in 50 venues, and they are hoping to double in size for Year Two!

Sign up (for free) to be a venue for this year's festival!

When: Saturday, June 21st, 2014 - 8AM-8PM

Where: Literally anywhere: indoor, outdoor... as long as it is within Philadelphia.

How: Visit this link and follow the directions:

Cost$$$:  None! Artists have donated their time and venues are donating their space so the public can celebrate Philly's rich musical scene for free.  Having said that, the only rule is that the public must be able to see the performances for free—but business owners are encouraged to use the opportunity to meet new customers, and musicians can feel free to sell CDs and hand out flyers for their next gig!

Fine Print: The only requirements present an “official” Make Music Philly event are that it has to be within city limits, take place between 8am and 8pm, be free and accessible to the public. All venues and performers must be registered by May 21, so register your organization ASAP!