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Million Hoodies Movement for Justice Arts Network plans to launch this fall

Million Hoodies was founded to protect and empower young people of color from mass criminalization and gun violence. The organization envisions creating a world where black and brown communities exist with dignity and full humanity. 

Recently the organization announced the launch of its Arts Network, a national platform for artists and creatives to create, build community, tell stories, and provide hope. The Million Hoodies for Justice Movement Arts Network will be located in New York, Philly, Miami, Minnesota, and Chicago this fall. The goal is to provide independent artists with opportunities for networking, collaborating, funding, fundraising, contingent planning and much more!

Currently, Million Hoodies is seeking various locations to host conversations, performances, panel discussions, arts  activism workshops, and lecture demonstrations etc.

To join the network as a partner or to learn more about Million Hoodies for Justice Arts Network, visit  or  contact Coordinator Brittany Williams, at