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On Friday, September 19th, Park(ing) Day Philadelphia will reclaim the city when it returns for its seventh anniversary. The annual event that transforms parking spaces around the world into mini-urban parks is back, and better than ever!


Park(ing) Day seeks to inspire us to participate in the civic process that can potentially alter the urban landscapes. By encouraging people to reimagine 170 square feet of public space, the organizers hope to raise awareness about the need for green space in urban environments. This year organizers will transform 50 more parking spaces than last year.

Despite closing its doors, the design studio that founded the event, Rebar Art, continues to host this expansive event around the world. See how they transformed spaces during last year’s event in this slide show. You don’t need to be an artist, community activist or have any special training to do a PARK. Non-profits, community development organizations, academic institutions, and private companies all created temporary parks for Park(ing) Day. To get ready for this year’s event check out this map and start planning your walking tour now!

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