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PECO Spotlight: People's Light

Every month we will highlight the great work that other PECO grantees are doing around the region

The S.T.E.P. program (Subscription Teen Engagement Program) from People’s Light is an ensemble of emerging teen artists who want to delve deeper into theatre, exploring it both on and off stage.

The program is an opportunity for teens to join a close-knit community of theatregoers their own age and, as a group, to dive deeply into the artwork they see throughout the year. Three hours before each performance, S.T.E.P. members gather at People’s Light to begin their journey with the play. Artistic staff members guide the teens through a variety of activities, focusing on the style of the production as well as the substance of the story. These two-hour workshops give members unique insight into what they are about to see and allow them to flex their own artistic muscles as they write, improvise, devise, and act their way into the world of theater.

Samantha Reading, S.T.E.P.’s organizer and People’s Light artistic company member, then brings the teens to the Farmhouse Bistro for a meal and joins them in an open discussion. This seemingly simple time of sharing food and feelings is actually the essential and complex establishment of a rich and lasting community marked by differing perspectives.

Each S.T.E.P. event culminates with this group of teens joining the larger audience seeing the performance that evening.

In Teen Summerstage, the intensive summer component of S.T.E.P., teens create, build and perform an original piece in response to one of the productions in the upcoming season at People’s Light. This original piece is produced under the guidance of the theatre professionals at People’s Light. The exchange between the students and the theatre professionals in the development of an original theatre piece provides true experiential learning for both the students and the teaching artists involved.

S.T.E.P. may be joined at any point during the season. For more information about the program or to join the program, call 610-647-1900 x137 or email

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