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Philadelphia's First Ever Creative Strength Swap

On June 21st, members of Philadelphia's creative community will come together to exchange skills, resources, and knowledge.


Philadelphia's first ever Creative Strength Swap was created after co-organizers Erica Hawthorne, founder of Small But Mighty Arts and Amy Scheidegger, founder of The Artistic Rebuttal Project realized they could maximize their outreach efforts if they swapped skills. The Creative Strength Swap invites artists, organizations, and community members to meet at Impact Hub (1227 N. 4th Street) on Saturday, June 21st. The organizers recognize the immediate benefits when artists share resources and work together, and according to Scheidegger, "We wanted to provide an opportunity for artists to create a network of resources throughout the creative community."

The swap will include an interactive activity to help attendees get to know each other so they may start making connections and exchanging skills, time, and/or resources. "Resource swapping can be an invaluable alternative when outside funding is not available," said Hawthorne. The event has a nominal registration fee of $5, and participants are required to: 1) register online in advance of the event; and 2) attend for the full time, from 9am to 12pm. Artists from all creative disciplines are welcome to attend, as well as anyone wishing to connect with local artists.

We can't wait to see what kind of interesting projects and initiatives get their start at this fantastic event!