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URGENT: A Sales Tax Threat on Arts & Culture Looms Large

A major sales tax threat looms large this week as legislators rush to complete a budget before the end of the year.

Dealmakers in Harrisburg have already tried to balance this budget on the backs of students and non-profits. Now, as part of a short-term solution, they’re trying to tax valuable cultural experiences. Museums, historical sites, theaters, zoos…even education programs would require the public to pay sales tax. While legislators continue to grasp at straws in this state budget showdown, the funds raised from taxing arts and culture will only serve to cut people’s access to arts and culture, not create meaningful change in our state’s bottom line.

Tell your legislator and our state’s leadership that everyone deserves affordable access to the arts TODAY.      

With the help of supporters like you and partners across the state, we rallied in 2009 to defeat a similarly desperate proposal, and we need your help to do it again now. Your voice matters! Two minutes from you right now will show our legislators that this proposal does more harm than good. GroundSwell is committed to safeguarding arts and culture in our communities, and we will carefully track the budget deals being done in Harrisburg. Please keep an eye out for updates and information as they arrive.

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Photo credit: Pennsylvania State Capitol By Kumar Appaiah CC BY 2.0