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Meet an Alliancer: Paris Gramann

Ever wondered what it's like to work at the Cultural Alliance? We'll introduce you to members of our staff! This month the spotlight is on Paris Gramann!

Job Title: Social Media and Communications Fellow

Job Responsibilities: I get to curate the content that my wonderful coworkers create for Phillyfunguide and the STAMP Program! Are you following Phillyfunguide and STAMP Pass on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook? (You should be if you’re not!) For the next few months, I am the primary Alliancer relaying the information about some of Philly’s most fun events. Along with scheduling and updating our social pages, I am working with our analytics and advertising to make sure you hear about the content that you’re most interested in. Additionally, I have been able to help with the Phillyfunguide, STAMP, and Cultural Alliance events in the city.

Degrees/certificates: I am currently studying Social Entrepreneurship and Product Design at Drexel University through the Pennoni Honors College. With a mixture of specific Business Courses, Sociology and Psychology Courses, and Product Design Courses, I hope to create practical (and successful) solutions to issues like internal motivation and productivity.

Past experience working in arts and culture: It has been my pleasure to always be surrounded by some form of art. I love music and playing instruments, creating art (paper, paint, drawing!), and seeing live theater or music performances when I get the chance. I have been able to work with many different groups like the San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum and YasawaEnterprises where I was able to help create events for our community and talk with collaborators to plan creative projects like an outdoor Fundraiser Concert.

Favorite thing about working at the Cultural Alliance (so far): I feel that even in my first month with the Cultural Alliance, I was able to explore Philly in a new way. I found more theaters and venues, more amazing programs that are offered to the community, and overall more ART!

Favorite cultural institutions/attractions/events: As I am continuing to explore Philadelphia and its wonderful institutions, I would have to say I have an ever changing list of favorite places. I enjoy Rittenhouse Square and its great Farmer’s Markets and Pop-Up Fairs, the Schuylkill River Trail is calming, and I adore walking in the older parts of the city with brick buildings with their festive lights during the winter.

A fun fact about yourself: I LOVE creating art. In my free time I write songs, create jewelry and paper products, AND I am currently creating a children’s story + product with an illustrator from Santa Ana, CA.