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A Drexel Class Wants to Help Plan Your Next Event, Pro Bono

Drexel’s Center for Cultural Partnerships and Hospitality Management Program are planning an experiential course in event planning for the 2016-2017 academic year. The class will partner with a cultural nonprofit in need of event-planning services. This upper-level undergraduate course is normally taught using hypothetical examples, but—in the Drexel tradition—the instructor would like to work with a cultural organization that is developing a new event that the class can plan, from the earliest stages of concept design through successful execution.

There would be no cost to the organization for the planning services (beyond what the event itself costs). In addition, the instructor would prefer an event targeting millennials, since it is important for the cultural sector to engage people in that age range. As millennials themselves, the students in the class will have their own insights into designing an event for this group. 

The organization selected to partner with the class must be sure they want to do the event, have the funds to actually implement it, and be sufficiently staffed to interface with the students and the instructor. It’s a class project, but it will function like a typical client-consultant relationship.

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity or think your organization has an appropriate event for the class to focus on, please contact Rosalind Remer, Vice Provost and Lenfest Executive Director of Drexel’s Center for Cultural Partnerships, at 215-895-1203 or