It was a zoo- getting to the zoo

Philadelphia Daily News
Valerie Russ

(April 18, 2009) - Yesterday was one of those gorgeous, sunny, at-last-it's-spring kind of days. So gorgeous that about 10,000 people - including many New Jersey schoolchildren still on spring break - ventured out to the Philadelphia Zoo, said Bill Larson, the zoo's communications director.

Some of the crowds may have also been lured by a Flyers pep rally in advance of last night's game in Pittsburgh. Kirsten Wilf. the zoo's communications manager, said there had been some road construction in the area also. And all of that had traffic on the westbound Schuylkill Expressway backed up on all the way down the Vine Expressway and back to I-95.

Though 10,000 was a big crowd, it wasn't a record-breaker, Wilf said. The zoo's record was a 70-degree day in February one year, when there were 17,000 visitors. More...

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