Hello, Washington Post: Dollars Per Facebook Donor Is Not the Right Metric for Success

Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media
Beth Kanter

(April 22, 2009) - This morning the Washington Post published an article proclaiming that fundraising using Facebook Causes was a failure based on a calculation of dollars per donor.

It's still too early to measure success in aggregate dollars per donor. Steve MacLaughlin points out "If the reason why you want to use social networks is just to raise money, then stop now. It doesn't work that way." 

My colleague Allison Fine points out some inaccurancies in the Post article that skew the dollars per donor number because of the large number of inactive causes on FB or the number of causes who never intended to raise money using Causes. 

Allison goes on to reframe how we need to think about Causes.  I'll boil it down to "Causes is A Friending Tool, Not A Fundraising Tool." (Credit to Steve MacLaughlin for that) More... 

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