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Health Care Reform: What it means for you.

On September 14 the Cultural Alliance in partnership with Gallagher Benefit Services hosted an informational meeting on Health Care Reform and its impact on our member institutions, cultural sector employees and the nonprofit community. A number of Cultural Alliance members employees attended this session to learn how to best prepare for the coming changes in health care.  This group learned about immediate changes such as small employer tax credits, grandfathering and whether it really matters, purchasing pools, as well as those changes that will impact organizations in future years. 

Gallagher Benefit Services is the Cultural Alliance partner and preferred broker for Health Insurance and Employee benefits.  Our representatives from Gallagher Benefit Services have provided the presentation from this seminar and a health care reform FAQ document as a resource for our sector.   To learn more Gallagher Benefit Services or the Cultural Alliance's Health Insurance and Employee Benefit Program  please visit

You can download these documents below: