Learn More About the List Co-Op

The List Co-Op program works with TRG Arts as our data vendor and uses their online data management system eMerge to facilitate list trading and analysis. eMerge is a website, it is secure, available 24/7 for participants and is user friendly.

The List Co-Op provides the cultural community with knowledge and tools for better data management and analysis. We believe that the more organizations know about their patrons, the better relationships you can have, while also developing new audiences for your organization.

The List Co-Op:

  • Provides you the opportunity to upload new patron data on an ongoing basis for free. After each performance, exhibition, or event you can add new patrons to the List Co-Op for free so you can include them in future mailings, but also to get demographic information about them.
  • Gives you access to over 225 demographic variables that can be used to better understand current audiences as well as to create prospect lists for new audiences.
  • While you can’t trade email addresses in the List Co-Op (that’s bad data management), you can upload your email addresses and then do segmented email campaigns using demographic data. In order for this to work you will need a mailing address and email address for that record.
  • Provides you with ongoing training and workshops. Our vendor TRG Arts offers a free online training every Wednesday at 1:00pm on how to use eMerge. There is also a wonderful collection of tutorials, videos, and support documents to assist you with some of the more complex functions of eMerge.  We also offer at least one in person workshop each year on  best practices in data management and direct marketing strategies.

Who participates in the List Co-Op?
Currently we have over 160 organizations participating in the List Co-Op who have shared over 2 million unique households of culturally active consumers. Click here to see the complete list of participating organizations.

Is direct mail still relevant?
YES! It is a critical part of your marketing mix. Check out these articles from Print in the Mix to see the proof:

Will trading my names negatively impact my own attendance rates?

According to the data in the List Co-Op and other sources of research - NO. Your patrons are already out there visiting other organizations and that's a good thing for our sector! 26% of the households in the List Co-Op are already on more than one organization’s list; with one patron on 57 lists!

The List Co-Op gives you the opportunity to reach out to new patrons who may not have heard of your organization, while letting you strategically communicate with your current audience. And don’t forget, the List Co-Op is 100% permission based so you control how and when your data gets shared.

Who can I call if I need help?
We have two dedicated staff available to help you at any time. Feel free to reach out either Erin or Melissa with any questions that you may have:

          Erin Morris
          Regional Coordinator
          TRG Arts
          (719) 494-6209

Melissa Kaufman
Program Manager
Cultural Alliance
(215) 399-3524