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Administrative Director

CultureWorks Greater Philadelphia

Summary of Key Attributes & Experiences

Community Engagement

  • You have at minimum 4 years of experience being the introduction of an organization/space to guests and members. You enjoy making sure people feel heard, seen, and respected when they encounter you regardless of the means of communication (phone, email, or in person). You take joy in creating an atmosphere that feels like “home”.
  • You lead with empathy, asking questions and performing research to immerse yourself in the customer experience. You use your findings to offer relevant and viable solutions to customers. You enjoy meeting the needs of others.
  • You are kind, yet assertive when necessary.

Organizational Operations

  • You at minimum 4 years of experience helping organizations in the for-profit and/or non-profit sector streamline their internal operations by implementing and upholding policies and systems to increase organizational efficiency and productivity.
  • You can handle multiple projects at once; creating your own systems of accountability and project management.
  • You know what its like to be someone’s “right hand person” and can handle the authority, responsibility, and confidentially needed for such a role. You can help manage that person’s calendar, field their calls and other correspondence, handle issues on their behalf and represent them at meetings and special events.
  • You can monitor and coordinate accounting activities such as team expense management and assist in the preparation of budgets, grant applications, financial statements and monthly internal reports for executive leadership.
  • You are resourceful and able to find ways to reduce organizational costs. 
  • You are able to give contracts a basic review and know what terms like “indemnification” means.
  • You have intermediate to advanced Microsoft office and G-suite skills
  • You have familiarity with the Apple computer systems


Facility Management

  • You have a minimum 4 years of experience managing a facility – whether it was a coffee shop, hotel, or your own home as a parent/caregiver. You can deal with vendors and deliveries, oversee a membership database, prep a space for events, and manage inventory like nobody’s business. Nothing goes out of stock on your watch!
  • You are creative and looking for the opportunity to use your creativity not only in administration, but also in space décor, layout and functionality.
  • You may not be a tech wiz, but you can manage the Wi-Fi network, connect with tech support, and manage the printer of a workspace.

In addition, CultureWorks maintains the following core attributes for all of its team members, regardless of job title or functional area of responsibility.

  • Equity as a lens on the world – a commitment to the constant practice of critical inquiry and understanding of how oppression acts in our world and how we can counter its forces.
  • Leadership drive and energy – to define the big questions, not problems, and take initiative, communicate, collaborate, and embody our vision and mission.
  • Omnivorous curiosity and an open mind – a strong knowledge of and interest in cultural and creative practice and the fortitude to push the boundaries of culture to ever-wider embrace.
  • Compassion, care, and the drive of a social worker – interested in understanding the diverse needs of individuals and organizations, starting with the question, “How can we help you?”
  • An appetite for risk, failure, and unflinching candor – the restless urge to question, tinker, and improve our work and its ability to help realize the vision of our team and our members.
  • Relentless optimism – the urge to solve difficult problems every day across a vast spectrum of cultural practice and to start every answer to “What if…?”.
  • The ability to set curatorial or exclusionary impulses aside – we are not arbiters of culture or community; we provide the means by which communities may flourish on their own terms.

Timeline and Compensation

To Begin: Early August 2019

Weekly Commitment: Full Time (40 hours/week)

Compensation: $50,000 [W2 salaried position]
Health Benefits (90% covered by CW). 
Annual well-being allowance.
Unlimited Vacation policy.
SEPTA Compass Program.

To Apply

Please send in PDF form a cover letter, resume or similar review of professional or life experience, and three references to jointheteam[at] Applications mailed through the USPS or faxed are not accepted. We will be reviewing applicants on a rolling basis until the position is filled.

CultureWorks is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, creed, gender, or sexual identity.

Our community is committed to combating barriers to individual and collective flourishing through resisting language, belief systems, structures, and practices that are designed, whether by intention or accident, to oppress or impede the path to flourishing. We celebrate difference and diversity and welcome anyone willing to engage in the joyful and difficult work of supporting each other and sharing resources.