Ask City Council to Support Public Schools and Protect Art & Music Programs!

The PA state education budget is in crisis, having been cut by $1 billion since 2010.  Locally, the cuts have financially distressed the School District of Philadelphia, which has asked City Council for an additional $60 million for next year’s budget. Without this additional funding, Philadelphia public schools will be forced to make extreme cuts in extracurricular programs and staff, including eliminating the art and music programs that are so essential to our students and to cultivating the creative vitality of our city. Let City Council know they need to find a way to fund our schools!

GroundSwell and PCCY Stand up for Arts Education at City Council on May 16!

Arts Education Hero capes were presented to Councilpersons María Quiñones-Sánchez and Blondell Reynolds Brown, and students put on a singing performance.

Success! The GroundSwell & Penn Museum Book Drive for Philadelphia READS Has Come to a Close

The numbers are in, and we collected 752 books at our Center City drop-off point alone! Our partners at the Penn Museum, Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts, Arthur Ross Gallery, Institute of Contemporary Art and the Office of Community and Public Affairs at Penn are still counting their books, but the numbers are looking good so far—we're ready to call this campaign a success!

Environmental Art in Action at Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education

In 2001, the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education launched an Environmental Art Department to connect vistors with thought-provoking environmental artwork as they experience the Center's 340 acres of preserved land. "We use our forests and fields as a living laboratory to foster appreciation, deepen understanding and encourage stewardship of the environment. Our art department is an inherent part of that process, allowing visitors diverse ways to experience and learn from nature," says Director of Environmental Art Jenny Laden.  Since it was formed, the Environmental Art Department has showcased over 300 artists through a variety of indoor and outdoor exhibitions.

Spiral Q Combines Art and Activism

In 1996, Spiral Q was formed as a street theater advocacy movement by and for individuals living with HIV/AIDS.  Their unique ability to successfully use art to spark dialogues quickly caught the attention of other communities, and now Spiral Q annually organizes and engages nearly 5,000 individuals in hands-on art making in support of a variety of issues and goals, with the work reaching estimated audiences of nearly 30,000 people throughout Philadelphia and beyond.

Women in Comedy Project Promotes Finding Identity and Healing through Humor

Childs' Women in Comedy Project culminates in a month-long run of It’s My Party, a three-part theater production exploring the changing ways women use humor as their lives evolve.  Childs started out interviewing women she knew—non-performers—for the project, gathering insight on the role comedy plays in their lives and whether or not they've shared her sense that getting older, letting go and not caring what anyone else thinks not only lets you really be yourself, but also unleashes your sense of humor.  What she found was that often, the humor her interviewees described came out of painful or difficult experiences. 

Raices Culturales LatinoAmericanas Educates and Builds Community

Raíces Culturales LatinoAmericanas, Inc. was founded in 1991 by a coalition of Latin American folklore dancers and musicians to represent and support all artists with Latin American backgrounds working and creating in Philadelphia.

ArtWell Empowers Students, Encourages Expression in Youth and Communities

ArtWell partners with schools and other youth-oriented organizations to present arts-based curriculum where students learn to cultivate their own personalities and talents, honor and respect the abilities and strengths of their peers, and deal with challenges and conflict from a perspective of peace and trust.

Claymobile Takes Art on the Road to Underserved Schools

Since 1994, The Clay Studio’s Claymobile van has traveled to schools throughout our region to deliver pop-up art classes to students in need.  “The whole reason the program exists is that we’d rather have the art actually happen in the school and ideally we’d just be this add-on coming in for special projects that they wouldn’t normally be able to do.  We’d like to not be the only art students are getting, but unfortunately that’s [often] the way it ends up being,” says Annette Monnier, Outreach Program Director.

Recapping the GroundSwell Instrument Donation Drive for Musicopia!

The first GroundSwell action campaign, a February musical instrument donation drive for Musicopia's Gift of Music program, was a huge success!