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COVID-19 Resources

The Cultural Alliance is working to provide its members and the arts and culture community with updates, news and resources regarding the COVID-19 outbreak. If you have any resources you’d like to share, please email

Announcing the COVID-19 Arts Aid PHL relief fund

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General Resources:

Nonprofit and Artist Recovery Funds:

Federal Support Programs:

Event Resources:

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Remote Work Resources:

  • Check with your phone company to see if phone calls can be easily forwarded
  • Check with your employees ahead of time and determine what technology/resources might be needed in the event that some/all staff need to work remotely
  • Consider adopting communication tools such as Slack or Microsoft Teams that allow for teams to communicate easily and quickly remotely. Slack offers a nonprofit discount for teams under 250 people.
  • Develop a list of items that you will need access to if you are working remotely, like blank checks, donor packets, marketing materials, etc.
  • If your organization does not currently have remote computer access and needs help setting this up, please contact Evan Hollander at Infinity Computer Solutions at 610-446-4550 to discuss the best options for your organization. (If you engage them to implement a solution, there will be a fee for services).
  • Tech Soup has a blog post with remote working resources

Marketing and Communications Resources:

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