Community Engagement in Chester County

Posted on 11/25/15
Imagine justice in action with the Just Act Ensemble & Friends at the Just Act Launch & Community Party on December 16.
Posted on 11/19/15
How do we make our artwork as inclusive and accessible as possible, especially in place-based works?
Posted on 11/17/15
In Philadelphia and other major cities, there has been a decline in investment in cultural resources in low-income neighborhoods.
Posted by Kristen Gillette on 11/10/15
It’s a great opportunity to get out and spend a few hours volunteering at a neighborhood park, helping with everything from raking and bagging leaves for compost to planting trees and painting benches. Families, neighbors, and groups of coworkers and friends are invited to participate.
Posted by Kristen Gillette on 11/04/15
People's Light STEP program is an opportunity for teens to join a close-knit community of theatregoers their own age and, as a group, to dive deeply into the artwork they see throughout the year.
Posted by Kristen Gillette on 11/04/15
The organization won an award from the Juvenile Detention Center and Alternative Programs, launched pop-up libraries in Coatesville, and more
Posted by Kristen Gillette on 11/04/15
Participating Art Ability artists express their creativity through painting, photography, sculpture, fiber arts, stained glass, jewelry and fine crafts. Through these creative modes of expression, artists are able to convey their talent, receive recognition for their work, and often further their progress in recovering from a life-altering illness or injury.
Posted by Kristen Gillette on 11/04/15
In 2011, Emily Artinian founded Street Road, an experimental project in Cochranville, Pennsylvania. An evolution of Artinian’s family's real estate company, Street Road focuses on themes of property, land use, ownership and social space. This November, Street Road will work with young people from The Garage Community and Youth Center in Kennett.
Posted by Kristen Gillette on 11/04/15
Rhona Candeloro, a Chester County painter and teaching artist, recently completed a five-day residency pilot program called “Playing with Colors” with the PA Department of Aging and the PA Council on the Arts at the Kennett Area Senior Center.
Posted by Kristen Gillette on 11/04/15
The Move 360 InCommunity initiative, the company’s outreach program, encourages people to use dance as a relationship-building means of self-expression and self-discovery as well as a tool for physical and emotional well-being. Annual events, workshops and performances provide resources for connecting with new friends and exploring the power of dance as it relates to the individual and the community.