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2011 Portfolio

Individuals were the heroes of the region’s cultural sector during the recession. In an analysis of the region’s cultural activity from FY 2007 to FY 2009, the Cultural Alliance documented a 20% increase in individual giving and a 5% increase in attendance at area cultural nonprofits. Overall, individuals pumped $406 million into the struggling cultural nonprofits sector in FY 2009, an increase of $48 million over FY07.

These findings come from the 2011 Portfolio, the most recent report by the Cultural Alliance. The 2011 Portfolio provides information on the health, breadth, and diversity of the region’s cultural sector, including the first comprehensive look at the effects of the recession on Southeastern Pennsylania’s nonprofit arts and cultural organizations.

Individuals’ investments in the sector helped mitigate the damage done by the recession including the large drops in the values of investment portfolios, belt-tightening on the part of corporate and foundation donors and cuts to government funding.

Read the 2011 Portfolio key findings here.

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