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Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance Launches PHL Arts Voter Education and Engagement Initiative, as part of the Lenfest Institute for Journalism’s “Every Voice, Every Vote” Project

The Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance is constantly working to amplify the diverse and rich voices from our 400+ members and those beyond our member list. Our new PHL Arts Voter Education and Engagement Initiative will ensure that the voices of arts and culture voters will be heard throughout the 2023 mayoral election process.

We are excited to announce that the Cultural Alliance is one of 52 news media and community organization partners who will participate in the Lenfest Institute for Journalism’s “Every Voice, Every Vote” project, a $1.5 million investment split between 52 organizations which will aid in the coverage and engagement in and of the Philadelphia 2023 Elections. 

Through the “Every Voice, Every Vote” project, participating media and community organizations will serve every neighborhood in Philadelphia with nonpartisan, collaborative, issues-oriented journalism; gatherings with candidates; voter guides; listening sessions; and more. “Every Voice, Every Vote” partners will publish news stories, create voter resources, and hold events throughout the city in more than 13 different languages. The initiative is designed to help make the electoral process more accessible and to make certain that every Philadelphian has the information and tools they need to participate in a system that is intended to support all.” (Press Release from Joseph Lichterman of the Lenfest Institute of Journalism).

As the only arts and culture organization funded by the “Every Voice, Every Vote” initiative, the Cultural Alliance will expand upon our efforts to ensure that the voices of arts and culture voters will be heard. Our project, the PHL Arts Vote Education and Engagement Initiative, will feature a mayoral forum with the candidates in the primaries of the Philadelphia mayoral race in partnership with local arts organizations. In addition, the Alliance and its community partners will develop and publish the PHL Arts Voter Guide – in both English and Spanish – to support city voters during this crucial local election cycle. 

Sign up for information about the Cultural Alliance’s advocacy work at and learn more about Every Voice, Every Vote at