2014 Portfolio

The 2014 Portfolio is the Cultural Alliance’s largest analysis of the sector to date, covering the activities of 473 cultural groups in the most recent fiscal year and trend data from 298 organizations covering 2009 to 2012.

Arts & Cultural Participation in Greater Philadelphia (2013)

Arts and Cultural participation data is based on analysis of the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance's Audience Analytics program, a database of over 1.4 million households collected from over 150 organizations in the Greater Philadelphia region. The attached map shows the level of arts and cultural participation in Greater Philadelphia by county and zipcode boundaries.

History Organizations in Philadelphia & Other Major Cities (2013)

Not surprisingly, as the birthplace of the United States, Philadelphia's rich historical tradition is reflected in its cultural organizations. The region ranks near the top of all Metro areas when it comes to the number of history organizations, number per capita, and in the percentage of all arts & cultural organizations that are history organizations. Using data from the National Center for Charitable Statistics, the attachment looks at historical organizations and their place within the larger cultural communities in 20 Metro areas across the country.

Number of Arts & Cultural Organizations in Greater Philadelphia (2012)

Q: How many arts & cultural organizations are there in the region?

Arts Funding by Philadelphia and Some Peer Cities Updated (2013)

How does Philadelphia compare to other cities in funding the arts? (Updated for 2013)

2013 Salary & Benefits Report

The 2013 Cultural Alliance Salary & Benefits Report is the first cultural compensation study in the Greater Philadelphia region in over a decade. Working with Gallagher Benefits Services, the Alliance surveyed 145 cultural nonprofits in the region, getting detailed information on compensation, benefits, and overall business confidence.

Arts, Culture & Economic Prosperity in Greater Philadelphia (2012)

Philadelphia’s arts and cultural sector has a profound $3.3 billion impact on the region’s economy and is outperforming the nation as a whole.  The Arts, Culture and Economic Prosperity in Greater Philadelphia report details how spending by cultural organizations and their audiences ripples through the economy, generating revenues for businesses, families and local governments. Click here to download the full report.

Highlights of the report:

Regional Employment in the Cultural Economy (2010)

How many people are employed doing artistic and cultural work at for-profit and nonprofit businesses in Greater Philadelphia?

Number of Arts & Cultural Organizations in Greater Philadelphia (2010)

Q: How many arts & cultural organizations are there in the region?

Research Into Action: Pathways to New Opportunities

This Cultural Alliance report offers specific insights into how the Philadelphia region's diverse population engages with the arts.