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Renew & Sign Up for Membership

Thank you for your support and membership with the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance. As you may know, the Cultural Alliance works to increase awareness of and support for the cultural sector, and leverages that support to increase art and culture's role in the broader community and regional public policy.

The Cultural Alliance is committed to helping you thrive and grow. In addition to our role as an advocate for the cultural sector, we also offer our members an array of benefits designed to help you connect with peers, save money, increase revenues and increase your visibility.


The membership year began on July 1, 2023. We want you to continue to benefit from our work together and the resources we offer to members. We ask all organizations who are able to pay the standard dues rate do so. Please watch this tutorial video for tips and tricks to renew your membership successfully!

The online renewal form calculates membership dues based upon your total operating expenses and gives you the option to pay online with a credit card or print an invoice and send a check in the mail. We suggest that you have your most recent operating budget available to fill out the form as well as a current staff list to complete the renewal process. If you have any problems with the online form, please email Madeline Avarese at

  1. Log into your account using your email address and password. 
    If you don’t remember your password, click Request New Password and you will receive an email to reset your password – if you don’t receive an email, please call 215-399-3514 and we can reset your password.
  2. Once logged in:
    1. Click Membership: Join/Renew on the left navigation list
    2. Click the Renew  or Join button
    3. Update your budget within the “Organization Information” tab on the first page using only numbers without commas or dollar signs
    4. Confirm that your website is displaying accurately with the correct formatting
    5. Edit any other organizational information as needed
    6. Click the “Save” button at the bottom of the page
  3. Complete all pages in the checkout process
  4. Be sure to click "Submit Order" at the bottom of the last page
  5. To complete your membership renewal, be sure to update your Organizational Staff & Contact Roles.


Check out our new tutorial videos for renewing and updating organizational information by clicking on the video stills below!

Membership Form Renewal Video Tutorial Title Still          Updating Staff Contacts Video Tutorial Title Still



To access/update your staff list, click the Edit button that appears next to the header "Your Organization's Listed Staff and Contacts." When renewing your membership, you will be directed there. You can also access the Edit button at any time from the "My Account" page, next to your organization's name. Once you click the Edit button, select the "Staff" tab at the top of the form. Check out our tutorial video for tips and tricks to update your organizational and staff information!

Please note: only users who are assigned the Executive Officer or Member  Representative codes have the ability to make updates. Please contact for questions or assistance.

To add a new staff member:

  • Enter the staff member’s information in the Add an Employee section of the form 
  • Enter First Name, Last Name, Email and Title
  • Click Add User
  • New staff members will automatically be added to your Listed Staff. You can edit this information later if you would like.

To assign contact roles:

It is important to identify the Executive Officer and Member Representative for your organization (Please note: only users who are assigned the Executive Officer or Member Representative codes have the ability to make updates. Please contact for questions or assistance).  You also have the option to identify any of the other contact roles as well, as they as determine what updates a staff member will receive from the Cultural Alliance.

Before you assign a staff member to a role, they must already be in our system.  To assign someone to a contact role, start typing a person's name to see if they are already in our system. If you see a match in the suggestions popup, please click it. If you need more fields in a given contact role area, click the Add another item button.

NOTE: once a person has been assigned to the field, the system id will display on this form, rather than the person’s name.

Contact Roles

  • Executive Officer: Has the permissions to renew membership, update staff information and receives information pertinent to leaders within the sector and your organization
  • Member Representative: Has the permissions to renew membership, update staff information and receives information as liaison between the Cultural Alliance and your organization
  • Benefit Contact: HR Representative to receive information about services included in your member benefits
  • Advocacy Contact: Advocacy contacts receive information about the Cultural Alliance’s advocacy work, including arts advocacy events, grassroots activities and more.
  • Community Relations Contact: Is responsible for your organization’s partnerships with other nonprofits, community organizations, etc.
  • Development Contact: Development contacts are responsible for generating your organization’s contributed revenue and receive information from the Cultural Alliance about grant opportunities, etc.
  • Education Contact: Education contacts may receive information about opportunities related to educational work at their institution, such as professional development opportunities, events and surveys.
  • Funsavers Contact: Funsavers contacts receive updates related to the Cultural Alliance’s Funsavers program, which allows arts and cultural institutions to offer tickets to our consumer-based email list for 30% to 50% off. Persons recognized as the official point of contact for receiving FS related correspondence such as weekly submission emails, offer inquiries, etc.
  • Key Artistic Contact: Staff member responsible for leading artistic direction, for example, an artistic director.
  • Marketing Contact: Marketing contacts receive marketing-related updates from the Cultural Alliance, such as opportunities to purchase discount advertising, professional development opportunities, and more.

To remove a user:

  • Scroll down to Staff (Listed) or Staff (Unlisted)
  • Click the Remove button under any former staff members’ names

To update a staff member’s name or title:

  • Scroll down to Staff (listed) or Staff (Unlisted)
  • Change the title under the correct staff member’s name
  • You can also change the order in which staff appear within the listed section

Final Steps:

  • Make sure that the appropriate staff members are associated with the correct roles, that all staff listed are currently working with your organization and that all titles are correct.  
  • Once you have made all the staff changes, make sure to click the SAVE button at the bottom of the page. Please note that it may take up to a minute to save the changes that you made.
  • That will complete the renewal process.

Membership dues are calculated based on your organization's annual operating expenses (nonprofits) or annual revenues (for-profits).

Expense/Revenue Category Membership Dues
< $119,999 $159
$120,000-$1,069,999 Budget x .00135
$1,070,000-$2,999,999 $1,445
$3,000,000-$4,999,999 $1,555
$5,000,000-$7,499,999 $1,945
$7,500,000-$9,999,999 $2,320
$10,000,000-$12,499,999 $2,715
$12,500,000-$14,999,999 $3,100
$15,000,000-$19,999,999 $3,855
$20,000,000-$24,999,999 $4,895
$25,000,000+ $6,095