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Standing on the shoulders of elders who fought for women’s rights, ANNA Crusis is furthering feminism and music to incite social change into the future. The longest-running feminist women’s choir in the United States, founded in 1975, ANNA’s current membership embraces diversity of age, ethnicity and gender identity. Their musical repertoire reflects the rich spectrum of human lives and struggles, shedding light on issues facing immigrants and refugees, young people, women, the LGBTQ+ community, and others. ANNA self-produces two major concerts each year and performs many community outreach programs throughout the season such as benefits, rallies, LGBTQ+ community events, prisons and shelters — anywhere that music can bring a sense of hope and empowerment. ANNA is also a founding member of Gay and Lesbian Association of Choruses (GALA) and a member of Sister Singers Network, a cooperative web of feminist ensembles and musicians working together to support and enrich the women’s choral movement.

Cultural Alliance Awards $11,500 to Pre-K Arts Programs

The Arts & Pre-K Excellence Awards recognize successful arts and culture programs that serve young children in the Greater Philadelphia region.

PHILADELPHIA – October 30, 2019 -- The Cultural Alliance has announced the recipients of the 2019 Arts & Pre-K Excellence Awards, which will be awarded to The Barnes Foundation and St. Mary’s Nursery School for outstanding Pre-K programs that successfully infuse early learning with arts and culture.

Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance Releases Agenda: Aging Report

The Cultural Alliance will launch the new report at the Philadelphia Corporation for Aging’s Senior Art Reception at the Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill Adult Center on May 29.

Agenda: Aging

For adults over 50, arts and culture can dramatically reduce the risk of developing depression, decrease the possibility of dementia through volunteer engagement and improve mental and emotional processing power.

Agenda: Aging is the fourth in a series of advocacy tools that outline the positive impact of arts and culture on important civic issues.

DEI February 2019 Update

On February 12 the Cultural Alliance partnered with Philanthropy Network Greater Philadelphia to present “Equity in Action: Building Social Capital” at Esperanza’s new performing-arts venue in North Philadelphia.

Member Spotlight

PhillyCAM is a community media center that operates the City of Philadelphia’s public access cable television channel and is the license holder of the low power FM radio station WPPM 106.5 FM.  PhillyCAM is a facilitator, creator, aggregator, and distributor of hyper local media that reflects Philadelphia’s cultural diversity.  We are the only regional non-commercial media outlet devoted entirely to the teaching, creation and distribution of locally-produced media content on cable television, online and on FM radio.  

Our mission is to bring together the people of Philadelphia to make and share media that promotes creative expression, democratic values and civic participation. Anyone who lives or works in the greater Philadelphia region can become a PhillyCAM member and receive free to low cost access to video and audio production training and distribute non-commercial content on our platforms.

Member Spotlight

The National Museum of American Jewish History, located on historic Independence Mall in Philadelphia, brings to life the more than 360-year history of Jews in America. Tracing the stories of how Jewish immigrants became Jewish Americans, the Museum invites visitors of all backgrounds to share their own stories and reflect on how their histories and identities shape and are shaped by the American experience. An open door for all, NMAJH honors the past and contributes to a better future by sharing the power of imagination and ideas, culture and community, leadership and service, in ways that turn inspiration into action.

Accessibility & Diversity Initiative

In July 2018, we set out to reduce barriers to participation, promote organizations of color and foster industry standards of inclusivity and diversity as part of our new Accessibility & Diversity Initiative (A/D Initiative).

Member Spotlight

Leeway Foundation
Denise Brown, Executive Director

The Leeway Foundation is a nonprofit organization that supports women, trans and gender nonconforming artists and cultural producers working at the intersection of art and social justice in Greater Philadelphia and offers two public grants annually. They are committed to the sustainability of artists lives and the lives of their communities, and it is for this reason that they partner with arts organizations to offer residency opportunities to existing grantees. Throughout the year, Leeway also presents free skill-building workshops and public events that elevate our grantees and the work we exist to support. Learn more about them and how you can help them celebrate their 25th anniversary on our blog!

Agenda: Wellness

Greater Philadelphia excels both in the education of doctors and the treatment of patients, and educating those doctors through the arts is an emerging practice that gets to the root of healthcare: improving doctors’ diagnostic abilities and helping physicians fight their own burnout.