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Multicultural Arts Exchange

The Multicultural Arts Exchange is a nonprofit that presents produce and promotes performing arts programs in the underserved community of Northeast Philadelphia. We are currently looking to hire a team of social media interns to build and maintain our online presence. Interns will work as a team, collaborating on various projects and duties. The following are the type of interns we are looking for:

1. Chaos organizer- Strategy and calendar. Assists in creating and implementing social media marketing strategies and tactics, handle social media market research, update social media accounts with our events, handle content management tasks, and plan/execute special events.

2. Tech Guru - Analytics.  Possess a clear understanding of advertising using digital ecosystem, manage analytics on several platforms (Google, Facebook, MailChimp, Eventbrite, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Website), collect and analyze marketing data to develop and adjust correlating marketing plans, and track the growth and impact of social media on the business and create and submit progress reports.

3. Creative Genius - video/graphics/design. Research, find, create, and manage multimedia content (photos, graphics, videos, etc.) that are relevant to constituents to create awareness along with planning and executing special events. Create presentations and agreements and assemble client activity reports. Must possess a clear understanding of advertising using the digital ecosystem.

4. Storyteller-in-Chief – writing. Research, find, write, and manage online content (blog posts, articles, tweets, etc.) along with with planning and executing special events. Perform research activities to find articles, stories, and resources, relevant to the constituents and post links to social media profiles.

5. Social Butterfly – Monitor and respond to social media activities regularly and foster relationships with new and existing audiences. Build a community

Social Media Intern Job Qualifications

Requirements to work as social media interns include majoring in business, marketing, communications, or a similar field and a solid understanding of social media and related web services.

Since a social media intern’s basic work is to highlight the company’s presence in the social media, s/he needs to be extremely knowledgeable of the various tools and procedures used in doing this.

*You must have the ability to strategize social media presence of a company which is why knowledge of marketing and business is important too.

*You will contribute to website redesigns, blog posts, and forums and handle outreach programs using a variety of social media applications.

*You will have to be extremely tech-savvy and possess deep knowledge of social media optimization techniques.

Learn more about the Multicultural Arts Exchange on our website, on Facebook @maephila, or our YouTube channel.


Education Level: 
To Apply

To Apply: Please, send a resume and cover letter to describe why you are interested in the position to Mr. Michael Zorich, Project Director, at