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PECO is seeking panelists to read and deliberate on grant applications for its 2024 grants program, PECO Powering the Arts.  Now, in its third year, this annual grant opportunity helps community-based arts and non-arts groups with funds for projects geared towards attracting new and diverse audiences by reducing barriers to their participation. PECO recognizes those arts organizations that seek to create equitable access to the arts through arts education, engagement, and participation-- all essential elements of enhancing the quality of our lives and communities.

About the Powering the Arts Grant Initiative

This grantmaking opportunity is open to arts and non-arts organizations in the PECO’s greater Philadelphia region with budgets equal to, or greater than $50,000 and up to $4.0 Million.

The grant program’s core goals are to assist arts and non-arts groups that wish to attract and retain new and diverse audiences by reducing barriers to their participation. Successful applications may include projects that:

·       Remove barriers from audiences who groups wish to attract to their arts programming (admission fee, accessibility, types of programs,  etc. )

·       Redefine what it means to be inclusive.

·       Assist outreach efforts to attract new audiences in the applicant's community or other communities, (such as rural communities, adjacent neighborhoods, tourists etc.)

·       “Beyond the walls” programming: conducting community arts programming outside of the  physical organization, in other spaces or communities which may attract new audiences.

·       Creative collaborations between different organizations.   

·       Design and implement innovative strategies and activities

Panelist Role and Duties

We seek 8 panelists who have experience and passion for this region’s arts and cultural landscape who will be asked to read 15 -17 applications that have been pre-qualified for eligibility. Each application will have two assigned panelist readers.

·       Panelists must be familiar with the arts and cultural community in the Greater Philadelphia region (Philadelphia, counties of Delaware, Montgomery, Bucks and Chester)

·       Because applicants represent multiple disciplines, we seek a wide variety of panelist with various arts interests, familiarity, and affiliations.  We welcome diverse candidates who may be artists, educators, arts enthusiasts, accountants, attorneys, nonprofit arts marketers, arts administrators, board members, consultants, grantmakers, evaluators, and experts in accessibility, etc.

·       Experience in developing or implementing programs that attract new and diverse audiences who may not have access to the arts for any reason, is a plus.

-      Panelists may not be 2024 applicants to or grant partners currently funded by PECO Powering the Arts.


·       Participate in an online panel orientation in which you will learn about how to review and score the applications. The orientation will be approximately 60 minutes.

·       Read and score each grant application according to criteria established by PECO. Reading the grant applications will be done on your own time, in a space of your choosing, and scoring will be submitted using an online system, which includes providing comments that support your score and provide feedback to the applicant. You will have at least six weeks to read and rate approximately 15-17 applications and should plan on spending an estimated 15-20 hours on reviewing and rating applications.

·       Attend a final in person panel meeting to participate in final deliberations and provide recommendations to PECO. Persons with disabilities may participate via Zoom.

·       Panelists will be required to read all assigned applications, meet all established time frames, and meeting requirements.

·       Panelists are expected to recuse themselves from reading applications of organizations in which they may have a conflict of interest.

Dates of Assignment

·      Panelists will receive grant applications approximately July 15 and complete the work by August 30.

·      Final deliberation meeting will take place in early September.

If you are interested, please send an email stating your interest, why you are qualified to opine on proposed projects that meet the grant purpose, and your CV or Bio to 

If you have any questions, please contact Nancy Burd at


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If you are interested, please send an email stating your interest, why you are qualified to opine on proposed projects that meet the grant purpose, and your CV or Bio to